Why is a happy team so important?

Your company’s key assets are your people – the creative powerhouse that drives your business.


So, if you suffer from high levels of employee disengagement and staff turnover, it seriously affects the bottom line.


In the UK, the average staff turnover rate is around 15%, but in creative industries such as Digital Marketing, it can be as high as 30%.*


Disengaged teams, poor retention, and the inability to attract motivated individuals are deeply affecting the growth of your company.


Did you know that getting a recruit up to speed takes on average 28 weeks? Or that the average cost per hire is £3,000?**


That’s huge amounts of time and money flowing out of the business, year-on-year.


We help creative enterprises to attract the best people and keep them – working as part of happy, productive teams who are aligned to the goals of the business and fully on board with your growth plans.


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*Source: Monster              **Source: Glassdoor

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“Dave’s company supercharged Opodo’s UK Benefits whilst I was Head of Human Resources at Opodo. He and his team were always receptive, professional, and Dave delivered regular benefit presentations to engage the leaders at Opodo, which I know were greatly received. His team worked closely with the Opodo HR team to ensure regular review and competitive benchmark of the company’s UK Benefits.
Dave has an ability to form close bonds with people. He is friendly, knowledgeable in his field and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dave to others.”

– Ana Mitrasevic – VP Human Resources (Expedia)

How we create happy teams

To improve staff retention and slow down employee churn it’s essential to build what we call a ‘Talent Magnetiser’ – an employee value proposition (EVP) that helps you stand out in a crowded or selective candidate marketplace so you can build and retain a loyal team.


It makes candidates think: “I would love to work for you!” and existing staff say: “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be!”


Companies that create this buzz are 20 per cent more likely to outperform their competitors and 4.5 times more likely to retain their best employees.


Take the first step towards find out what’s missing from your Employee Value Proposition and discover how to attract and retain a loyal and talented team with our Happi Teams Test.

“I worked with Dave and his team closely for many years. I found Dave to be fantastic at what he does. He builds strong relationships and nurtures these. He provided presentations and guidance to all levels of the business, nothing is too much trouble for Dave and his team. They are an excellent partner to work with.”

– Erin Stewert – VP Human Resources (Essence Global)

Meet Dave

Dave Sykes has spent almost twenty years leading teams in the employee benefits, recruitment and sales sectors.


His deep knowledge and understanding of employee engagement and team-building enable him to help creative companies fulfil their often untapped potential by building happy, engaged, aligned teams.


Dynamic, creative enterprises have amazing competitive advantages over their larger corporates.  When they bring their employees together working towards a common goal with a defined strategy, success is almost guaranteed.