About us

Happi Team was founded by Dave Sykes to help creative enterprises create vibrant, productive and happy workplaces that attract the best people and keep them.

When you combine a wealth of experience in building a successful business, deep knowledge of the employee benefits and engagement sector, and a burning desire to create happier teams using a strengths-based approach, you know you have the ingredients for success.

Dave has spent almost twenty years leading teams and uses his knowledge of employee engagement and team-building to help companies fulfil their often-untapped potential.

Happy Teams, Happy Owners

The word ‘company’ is generally associated with profit-making enterprises.


But as Happi Teams founder Dave Sykes explains, “The true meaning derives from a French term ‘compagnie’ which means society, friendship, intimacy or a body of soldiers.  We know that when companies have these values at their core, the profits look after themselves!

“This is particularly true in creative businesses. The owners start with a clear vision, but this can get lost as the business grows so that it’s no longer integral to the company’s day to day operations.  This leaves teams feeling disconnected and dissatisfied and the company’s growth hits a glass ceiling.”

Happi Team exists to help you resolve this disconnect. We work with you to create an amazing Employee Value Proposition that magnetically attracts – and retains – ideal members of staff and build effective, engaged teams using a strengths-based approach.

When you have happy teams all working towards a common goal as a collective powerhouse, you will start to see revenues that make you smile too!

“Dave’s company supercharged Opodo’s UK Benefits whilst I was Head of Human Resources at Opodo. He and his team were always receptive, professional, and Dave delivered regular benefit presentations to engage the leaders at Opodo, which I know were greatly received. His team worked closely with the Opodo HR team to ensure regular review and competitive benchmark of the company’s UK Benefits.
Dave has an ability to form close bonds with people. He is friendly, knowledgeable in his field and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dave to others.”

– Ana Mitrasevic – VP Human Resources (Expedia)