Our services

Happi Team helps creative enterprises build happier, more engaged, more productive teams that are the heart and soul of the business.

  • Attract and retain staff who ‘get’ your mission
  • Ensure staff feel valued 
  • Ensure everyone knows how they can progress
  • Identify opportunities for personal growth that really are personal 
  • Create a happy team

Our services are designed to build fully engaged, productive teams of people who collaborate effectively and who are committed to the company:

  The Happi Team Test


This is the first step towards cutting staff churn rates and gets your business ready to grow exponentially through the power of your teams.

  Happi Team Strengths Assessment and Coaching


Strengths Based Coaching – There are no balanced individuals, just well-balanced teams.  Our strengths coaching will help you and your employees assess their personal strengths using the worlds most respected and developed assessment tool.  We will then coach you on the findings of the assessment so that you and your team can start spending most of your time focusing on your strengths and collaborating effectively together.

  Happi Team Webinars


Reconnecting Disconnected Teams – COVID-19 has meant teams are more disconnected than ever.  Whether you’re looking at bringing your staff back into the office or to combine a homeworking and office-based approach, our presentation will help your team reconnect and work in collaboration with each other.

The Art of Communication – A practical introduction to the key effective communication strategies your team can utilise to help individuals to develop their ‘considerate speech’ and ‘active listening’ skills.

Collective Growth Mindsets – Every leader recognises the importance of a growth mindset but how do you inspire it in your staff? We help your employees develop their own growth mindset, and importantly, show how your team can use a growth mindset in collaboration with each other.

Performance Optimiser – There are countless productivity technologies and strategies, but at Happi Team, we believe the best way to optimise performance is to help people adapt their behaviours so they can get the most out of productivity strategies and tools.  This webinar is designed to help your employees improve performance by enhancing their mindset, sleep, breath, health and overall wellbeing.

  Happi Team Group Workshops


These regular, intimate, group workshops help HR leaders, owners and senior management to learn how to maximise the power of their team. Each workshop has specific themes, with guest speakers who are experts in their field.

These are a fantastic introduction into the Happi Team philosophy and a great opportunity to connect and bounce ideas off your peers. Get in touch today to find out the next available date.

  Happi Team Talent Magnetiser


This 16-week programme helps dynamic leaders create an environment designed to attract and retain the very best employees.  Our five-step, two-stage programme will help you perfect the key areas that go into creating a happy team.


We’ll help you build the foundations for growth and maximise your teams’ individual and collective talents using a tried and tested strengths-based approach.

“Dave’s company supercharged Opodo’s UK Benefits whilst I was Head of Human Resources at Opodo. He and his team were always receptive, professional, and Dave delivered regular benefit presentations to engage the leaders at Opodo, which I know were greatly received. His team worked closely with the Opodo HR team to ensure regular review and competitive benchmark of the company’s UK Benefits.
Dave has an ability to form close bonds with people. He is friendly, knowledgeable in his field and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dave to others.”

– Ana Mitrasevic – VP Human Resources (Expedia)